How do I learn the articles in polity?

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How do I learn the articles in polity?

Remembering all the articles for the polity section can be difficult but it is manageable at the same time. You do not have to remember all the articles but some some important ones like article (1-50) including fundamental duties. Some more important articles like

  •  Fundamental rights
  • Directive principles of State policy
  • Article on emergency
  • President articles

Try to answer your question in the mains by referring these articles to make your answer look impressive and concise.

Make a flow chart table for the article and keep it handy with you or you can buy a chart paper for the same and pin it on your study wall and mark the important articles to remember.

Learn the articles topic wise .for example while reading the president’s power and responsibilities also learn the articles which give him that power to make your learning easy.

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